Mental Health & Autism

Hey there,

Todays Blog is going to be a long one. Partly personal partly informational as the subject of the blog is Mental Health on the Spectrum.

in 2014, it was suggested that up to 40% of adults on the Autism Spectrum will suffer at least 1 anxiety disorder. That’s 28,000 of us who have at least 1 anxiety disorder. I’m sad to say I am one of them. We are a staggering 25% higher than the general population.

Stress and vulnerability are two key factors which may explain why people on the spectrum have mental health issues. Social difficulties lead to self esteem issues.


For me isolation is a big factor to my anxiety/low mood. I try not to shut myself out from the world. but there are days where sometimes I am alone for a large portion of the day.  I only work a max of 2 days a week at present so, for the rest of the week I am pretty much by myself until dinnertime. I have had issues keeping friendships going. But life will eventually get better I am going back to see the doctor. (I wish it was Dr Who *Nerd Moment*)  in a few weeks to get blood test results and to see if there is any medication that can help me..


Anxiety is only one of many  difficult mental health issues. & I don’t think I can cover them all today in this blog so over time I think I will delve deep into each issue and shed some light, Autism Style

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