Mental Health & Autism

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Todays Blog is going to be a long one. Partly personal partly informational as the subject of the blog is Mental Health on the Spectrum.

in 2014, it was suggested that up to 40% of adults on the Autism Spectrum will suffer at least 1 anxiety disorder. That’s 28,000 of us who have at least 1 anxiety disorder. I’m sad to say I am one of them. We are a staggering 25% higher than the general population.

Stress and vulnerability are two key factors which may explain why people on the spectrum have mental health issues. Social difficulties lead to self esteem issues.


For me isolation is a big factor to my anxiety/low mood. I try not to shut myself out from the world. but there are days where sometimes I am alone for a large portion of the day.  I only work a max of 2 days a week at present so, for the rest of the week I am pretty much by myself until dinnertime. I have had issues keeping friendships going. But life will eventually get better I am going back to see the doctor. (I wish it was Dr Who *Nerd Moment*)  in a few weeks to get blood test results and to see if there is any medication that can help me..


Anxiety is only one of many  difficult mental health issues. & I don’t think I can cover them all today in this blog so over time I think I will delve deep into each issue and shed some light, Autism Style

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For starte rs, all the screams about vaccines and Autism is no different than blue puzzle pieces and “awareness campaigns.” Shoved in our faces to silence and blind people to the truth. But I’ve noticed something. Far too many of the spectrumites singled out for bullying harassment arrest and murder have been black. This is […]

via Autism beyond the vaccines. — Appalachian aspie part two.


A very interesting read about the vaccines debate

It Aut to be Taught 🎒


Hey Guys and Girls, Joag here and today I want to do an Edu_Aut Special… We all know the mantra support educate advocate love which Autism United uses. I have a CafePress t-shirt with the mantra. And As Summer is right around the corner and you’ll no doubt be getting the kids ready for their first or returning years to school I wanted to write a little edutorial (Education Tutorial)


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Gift of Autism 3: Autistacular

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Autistacular: Adj. The joy exhibited by an Autistic person when they notice something hilarious about the world that no one else has noticed.

I get asked semi-frequently “Don’t you wish she was normal?”

I can understand why you would ask that. I drive a Toyota when I’d rather have a Mercedes. I eat peanut butter sandwiches when I’d prefer steak. I live under capitalism when I’d rather be free. I rent when I’d rather own.

Do I wish she was normal?No. (It is just a little offensive that you asked.)

Would you ask a friend with children:

“Don’t you wish they were taller?” “Wouldn’t you rather a boy?” “Don’t you wish they were blonde?” “Don’t you wish they weren’t ugly?” “Don’t you wish they could walk already?” “Don’t you wish they weren’t so fat?”

Kids, Autistic or not, are perfect just they way they are. Like all children…

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My Autism Diagnosis Story


Hey Fingerprints

We all have stories some which make us, some which help us understand who we are. Me, I never understood who I really was until i got my diagnosis. This is my story.

I went not diagnosed until the age of 14. for the 9 years of my life inbetween I felt different to everyone else, confused about who i am. who i was.

I was a social misfit in school. Unique I could never fit in with the cliques. I went to primary school with this one girl who had a difficulty of her own. So when we moved into the same school. Teachers stuck us together all the time to the point where it irked me so much that one day in school when we were being placed where to sit. the teacher said for us to sit together and when i got confused. She asked did i not like her and openly and honestly I said no. To the surprise of the whole class. I think she secretly hated me from that day on because she became a real bully in my life, belittling me at every turn.  Oh Would You Listen To Me I am rambling on again lol.

It took my parents years to fight for my diagnosis, years of back and forth to the doctors and many different referrals. When I was in primary they thought I had ADHD I was put on a light dose of ritalin 3 times a day. which did nothing for me because I did not have ADHD. It took 9 years for me to finally get the diagnosis,

When I was being tested I, had to go through rigorous testing, social skills testing, imaginative play. It took a while for me to get my head around this process my diagnosis and I was depressed for a short while because I felt so different to everyone else.

I’d love to know your story!

What Age were you diagnosed?

How did you feel?

Why I became Just One Autistic Girl


Hey Guys… Not sure how many of you know the backstory to JOAG. Well, I thought as part of Autism month it would be good to tell you why I love being her.


My love of blogs started shortly after I was diagnosed on the spectrum. 9 years ago this month, I wanted to learn more about autism from the actually autistic point of view. It’s okay to read from professionals but you don’t get to see what it is actually like for someone to live on the spectrum. I wasn’t popular at school, i usually hung out on my own with my books as comfort, then i found blogs from people sharing their story. I found kindle books from actually autistic parents which gave me insight into how my family must be dealing. My mum knew there was something different about me, she could see the veil of inclusion from my peers how they would interact with me. Watching the “A” word I can relate with Joe so much. I am a scrubber when it comes to music, if I hear a line which resonates with me in some deep level i will replay it over and over. At the minute it is Dear Daughter and I am the fire by Halestorm. 2 powerful songs which enhance my mood. “Sorry i am getting off track slightly” But mum had to fight tooth and nail to get me even seen to be diagnosed it wasn’t as easy as the “A” word made it seem to get seen by someone. We all have had to struggle to be heard.


In 2011 I decided to create my own blog. I was finished school and just starting technical college but I wanted to add my voice to the world in terms of my opinions on autism. It was okay for a while to write under that pseudonym but after a while the trolls of the internet found me and made me quit along with other commitments to work and trying to continue with my studies so I had to give it up for a while. Then in August 2015 I thought it was time I get back in the game so I made and created JOAG and I felt free again to write what i wanted but trying to solidify a brand I had to recreate the blog using JOAG as my basis and have a steady schedule as I was humpty dumpty with the August attempt at getting my blog back. Wrote too much and was inconsistent with my timings.


I write every week with the aim of getting my blogs up on a sunday morning and so far I have been able to stick at it. I find my blog an escape from reality, although I am writing real events and issues, writing as Joag I feel like I can express everything in my heart. I have a personal blog which I write my feelings down in when I am having a bad or good day. But I am having a lot of bad days recently, Getting into my joag blogger account on my laptop I feel I really am someone else


I created her as my character and based her look loosely on me. But now I feel she has her own life, her own mind, her own voice, and before anyone says it No I am not schizophrenic (trolls i got there before you)  I just feel like I have a true friend in Joag she knows my mind better than I do and at the minute she is exactly what I need She has this kickass attitude that brightens my mood especially when she puts on my fave band. And has a little mosh with me


Anyway thats a little bit about Joag. Who knows I may one day write Joag her own storybook with some cool social stories for you all.

Emotional/Sensory Toolkit

I’ve always considered myself to be relatively self-aware. Until I discovered I am Autistic. Now I am not only finding reasons and explanations for my behaviour and experiences in the last 28 years, I am discovering new things about myself. This has come about via several different methods, the #ActuallyAutistic community on Twitter, independent internet […]
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